BAJABA Mission




Whereas, BAJABA©  is hereby established to maintain the heritage, definition  and preservation of Black Classical Music, the unique music that transcends race and culture that Africans brought to America  and further developed as an art form.


Whereas, This Preamble of BAJABA©  hereby states its mission:


Whereas, The main purpose of BAJABA© is to unify  industry forces as Black Classical Music preservers whether musicians, educators, broadcasters, journalists and other industry professionals on a creative front to interpret, educate, preserve and promote America’s only true art form, the music created by African-Americans, descendants of slaves.


Whereas,  Black Classical  Music continues to spread its reach around the world taking on numerous forms and shapes, jazz has become so popular it has been interpreted with the following distinction including but not limited to Straight Ahead Jazz, Be-Bop, Swing, Avant-Garde, Latin, Middle-Eastern, Indo-European, Western European and Russian.


Whereas, jazz music has achieved and maintains an International audience and influence and interpretation,  BAJABA© hereby states that this reach does not diminish nor define where Black Classical Music originates.  BAJABA© is established and charged with the effort of preserving the genre of jazz in the marketplace in all aspects.


Whereas, in 1619 some twenty Africans were brought as human chattel to Jamestown, VA; what they brought with them – those who experienced and survived the notorious Middle Passage provided America’s only true art form, the music they carried with them.


Whereas, US Congress has officially recognized the significance of jazz, BAJABA© hereby accepts their efforts to distinguish and proclaim America’s only true art form.


It is so Ordered.


– Berkeley, CA

June 7, 2010

Evolution  of blues

AA Musical Diaspora






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