Bajaba’s got M.O.J.O. (Masters Of Jazz Ordained) Now that’s MOJO, Workin’

Afrikahns Studio 2013


Bay * Area * Jazz * And * Blues *Artists


Bay * Area * Jazz * And * Blues *Artists


Bay * Area * Jazz * And * Blues *Artists * Bay * Area * Jazz * And * Blues *Artists 


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  1. i am sorry to say i missed diane witherspoon as i collected telephone numbers from my good friend TED WALD who played with him mingus charlie parker and more…i met him when i was 21 in santa cruz and we went to all the shows his friends played at in the early 1080’s. i would lie to correspond with you as i have vital living history you need to know via my old jazz friends i met back than. i spoke with TED WALD a few days ago and he agreed to take a phone call. he is truly one of the last to be living jazz musicians from that era of mingus parker etc. this is history needs to be shared..last month i was barely able to phone anyone but i got to kkup with hope of not only pledging but also helping the station with gear for your studio, rare tapes and narrationa and more. att as ruined my communication service. i have a land line 1831 426 4855, and one sorta working cell phone( i am swithcing to verizon soon). throughtout my 46 years of music i have seen so much and i have a photographic memory. i have held on to written words and names and shows all the inside things people i was with in the backstages of black jazz regae blues and soul. all in boxes of my writing by hand. i would like you to know, about me so we can dialoge. please if you google ted wald you will find his last jazz history radio show in seattle he did 5 years ago or so. TED and virginia wald. i hope ferverently you get this message as i do not drive, althogh i am well connected to a huge music scene being a musician at age 4. working cellphone is 1831 334 6726. i am sorry i cannot speak to you in lenght on a phone at the station kkup. i know so much history and whats happening i would be wrong not to pass on the info. thank you for your time, and wit with great respect-jennifer s scott. forgive my typos my hamd is wvery worn out heh. peaceful peaceful. i am trying to contact the producer to get your station new headphones and equipment as it takes some time comeing from las vegas as well. al a gift 🙂 thank you sir i love your show.-jen scott

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